Scientific Steps Group

Sustainable Restoration Techniques for Historic Buildings in Tyre City

July 23, 2023

The intervention of historic buildings is a complex and evolving phenomenon; all aspects of sustainability must be considered. The possibility of these restored buildings collapsing can cause significant damage to the economy, social life, environment, and cultural heritage due to inappropriate interventions and decisions. Therefore, an integrated approach to managing these historic buildings is needed to achieve a sustainable level of restoration. The responsibility to transmit cultural heritage to future generations makes sustainable construction even more important. In this article, common types of interventions are analyzed to create a guide for an integrated approach to sustainability and structural behavior according to international standards and methods. As a case study, the city of Tyre (Sour) was analyzed, and several cases have been studied to highlight the necessary aspects for sustaining historic buildings. By considering all structurally or pathologically important aspects explained below in two sections—macro and micro approaches—this article presents the main sustainability methods and techniques.