Scientific Steps Group

Who We Are

Scientific Steps Group (SSG) is an independent academic publisher with an editorial team including many of the top researchers in the world. We publish academic Conference Proceedings, Books, and Journals that shed light on diverse opinions and expand our understanding of the world around us. To ensure the highest level of quality, we employ the peer review process, working with distinguished experts in the field. SSG serves the worldwide academic communities and contributes to the progress and application of science with its publication. Our goal is to help those in academia or people in practice work together to make a positive change in the real world. Our role is to help challenge conventional ways of thinking, bringing people together to discover, curate and put into practice research that really matters.


We are a family business passionate about people and doing things differently.

who we are

Our Mission

our mission

Scientific Steps Group is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. SSG and its members inspire a global community through its publications, conferences and professional and educational activities.

SSG is a proven, trusted, and reliable source for publishing and disseminating cutting-edge resources that fuel innovations and inspire positive societal changes. SSG strives to enhance the current body of scientific knowledge through close collaborations with researchers and scholars worldwide. Through a commitment to sound ethical practices, an agile publishing process, and customer-centric values, SSG accelerates the pace of research discoveries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a viable and credible publishing experience for aspiring and prominent researchers who seek to expand the current body of scientific knowledge across diverse fields of study. SSG promotes forward-thinking discourse within the academic community by:

– Mandating a rigorous peer review while maintaining a high level of transparency throughout the entire publishing process
– Disseminating vetted scientific research rapidly and effectively to a worldwide audience
– Enabling the expansion and enhancement of emerging research within underrepresented research areas

our vision

Why Choose SSG?


SSG has been designed to make it easy for researchers to discover relevant content and manage their research information With SSG you can
1-Speed up your research:
find relevant content quickly with enhanced search filtering
2- Access more content:
view articles plus preprints and news
3- Discover related research:
explore relevant articles based on subject classification codes
4-Make it personal:
customize your alerts, save articles of interest, and view newly published articles within your subject areas