Scientific Steps Group

A Review of Enhancing Performance and Sustainability of RC Shear Walls

September 24, 2023

Reinforced Concrete Shear walls are vertical components within a structure that are specifically engineered to counteract horizontal forces, such as those generated by wind or seismic activity. Their primary purpose is to enhance the stability and resilience of the building by redirecting these lateral forces to the foundation. This redirection effectively minimizes the building’s lateral movement during events like earthquakes or strong winds. Nowadays, building owners highly value the ability to ensure maintenance without incurring additional costs even in the face of major earthquakes. To achieve this, it’s crucial to reduce damage and maintain the reparability of structural elements. Multiple shear walls often bear heavy gravitational loads and remain susceptible to brittle breakdown due to shearing forces during lateral seismic loading. This susceptibility substantially increases the risk of a complete collapse of the entire shear wall system. The aim of this research paper is to comprehensively study and analyze various research endeavors concerning retrofitting methods employed to enhance the seismic resistance of new or pre-existing reinforced concrete (RC) shear. This analysis will include real-world case studies of examined structures. Moreover, this paper highlights the future potential and provides recommendations for effective retrofitting practices.