Scientific Steps Group

A Study of Assimilation in Daily Language

August 4, 2023

This study deals with the assimilation in daily Iraq language. It aims to find out the ways in which assimilation is used in daily language. It shows how the Iraqi expressions are assimilated in connected speech. This study highlights the fact that there are four types of assimilation found in daily Iraqi language. The first one is Assimilation with Nasal (Idgham be ghna) or Assimilation without Nasal (Idgham bedon ghna). The second one is called Identical Assimilation (Idgham Mutamathel). The third one is called Approximate Assimilation (Idgham Mutaqarib). The fourth one is called Homogeneous Assimilation (Idham Mutajanis). This study depends on data taken from an Iraqi poet and analysed according to an eclectic model. It is concluded that these four types of assimilation are found in daily Iraqi language, but at different rate.