Types of books we publish

Why Choose SSIPS for Open-Access Publishing?


If you choose to publish with us, there is a wide range of open access options available to you. This means you can comply with any funder requirements and ensure your research makes a difference.

  • Authors have the option to publish Open Access in a variety of book formats, from monographs and handbooks, to textbooks and short form titles (books between 25-50k words). To get a better understanding of where your book will fit, read our SSIPS Book Proposal Guidelines, or contact the Editor Manager.


  • When you are looking to publish an open access book or chapter you will usually be required to pay a book publishing charge (BPC). The BPC supports the many costs associated with publishing a book including editorial services, peer review, copyediting, typesetting, e-book conversion and dissemination, as well as ongoing marketing, sales and editorial support.


  • The BPC will need to be paid by the time the final manuscript is submitted to SSIPS for Production, unless otherwise agreed.


SSIPS is committed to bringing research by scholars in emerging nations to the attention of the global academic community. We also want to make the option to publish open access available to as many researchers as possible. To help achieve this we offer reduced pricing on BPCs normally required to publish in the SSIPS OA Books program for funders based in countries defined by the World Bank as ‘Low -Income Economies’ or ‘Lower-Middle -Income Economies’.

Open Access Chapters
SSIPS Open Access Books also allow chapter authors and their funders the opportunity to publish individual chapters from a book open access. Upon publication, open access chapters are made available to access and download freely under a Creative Commons license.

Open Access Books Timeline
Like our traditional publishing, the open access book proposal will be evaluated initially by the subject editor then peer-reviewed by respected academic specialists who provide independent advice on the content, quality, and potential market for a finished book. If peer reviews are positive, the subject editor will take the book proposal to an internal editorial meeting for consideration.

Create your book proposal
General proposal submission information can be found here: Publish a Book

Contact the Editorial Manager

Send the book proposal to the editor, and ensure that you let them know that your intention is to publish your content open access.

Editorial process
The proposal will be evaluated initially by the editorial Manager, and then sent out for external review. If peer reviews are positive, the editor will take the book proposal to an internal editorial meeting for discussion.

If your book proposal is accepted
1. You will be issued a contract specifically designed for open access publications.

2. Once the contract is approved, the invoice for the Book Processing Charge (BPC) will be issued and expected to be paid before the book moves into production.

3. When the final manuscript is submitted and accepted by the publisher, it will go through the normal SSIPS book production process.

Follow our easy guide to publishing a book. Prepare and submit your proposal and read about the peer review process.